Living with Teenagers

Living with


Teenage boy lying on sofa

There are plenty of problems with living with teenagers, but here’s one (big) one. For many of us, their adolescence coincides with our mid-life crisis. So we’re having a mega-meltdown, with hormones attached, just as our kids are going through something scarily similar.

Having said that, our crises aren’t usually as bad as theirs. Adolescence is truly tumultuous and kids can’t begin to have an inkling of what it feels like for us, while we can recall – at least hazily – what it felt like to be them. And, to an extent, we’ve been through it before:

“I have always thought that teenagers behave  remarkably similarly to toddlers – tantrums, unreasonable, wilful,  struggling for independence, bodies going through major growth and  development spurts, faddy diets, strange sleep habits and so on.” scifinerd

Your feelings about living with a teenager

You’re unlikely to be in love with your teenager the way you were in love with him/her when he/she was a gorgeous, cuddly 18-month-old.

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But of course you love him/her – it’s just that love doesn’t tend to be the first emotion you feel when you’re together. Frustration, yes. Concern, often. Fear, sometimes. Despair, occasionally. Disapproval, frequently.
But parenting-wise, the thing about teenagers is that we need to love them more. They really need our love and, what’s more, they respond to it (doesn’t anyone?).


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